Heat Transfer Labels

Heat Transfer Labels Manufacturers in India

heat transfer label Manufacturer in India

Now, Heat Transfer Labels has replaced the traditional Woven and Fabric Label we provide our customers with heat transfers as a one-of-a-kind alternative. Lordship came with Customized premium heat transfer tags, sticker and labels.

If your company is looking for an alternative to traditional fabric labels, heat transfer Labels or tag can allow you to brand clothing without adding any extra material.We use best label prrinting machine to manufacture top quality printed heat transfer labels. Lordship can assist you in bringing your label designs to life through heat transfer printing, which is a simple and quick process that requires only an iron or industrial heat press.

Because woven labels may irritate the skin as a result of friction from intense exercise and movement, tag-free labeling may be the best branding option for sportswear. Heat press transfers are also ideal for use on baby clothes, as they prevent fabric labels from irritating the sensitive skin of very young children or causing an unwelcome distraction. The absence of a traditional garment label can have a number of advantages. Customers are spared the annoyance of a bothersome label at the back of their neck, and businesses are aware that their branding is permanently attached to the garment and cannot be removed!

Lordship Heat Transfer Label

We provide heat transfer labels for clothing. With our custom-made heat transfer labels, you can increase your product sales. Heat transfer garment labels are a versatile brand identification solution that can help your company succeed in marketing and advertising. Our heat transfer labels are extremely durable, withstanding dozens of washes without fading or chipping. Heat transfer clothing labels are an excellent choice for T-shirts, athletic apparel, hospital health wear, fabric attachments with instructions in medical and industrial equipment systems, industrial workwear, and other applications. Contact us for more information on these labels and how to obtain heat transfer labels for your company.You can also contact us for premium quality custom digital labels , leather labels and other labels which is delivered throughout Kerala, India, and the rest of the world.

Salient Features Of Heat Transfer Label

1) Tear resistance and Waterproof
2) More yielding than wet decorating processes
3) Many decoration ideas due to the variety in multiple colors
4) cost-effective
5) Temperature withstanding capacity
6) Automated process makes it easier to change graphics
7) Reduced time hence increase productivity