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Digital Label Printing Services In India

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Custom digital label printing are a great way to customize the look and feel of your products. You can add your company's logo, and other details in a simple using the best digital label printing machine. Get in touch with the best digital label printing company to create digital labels.Digital Label Printing is a revolutionizing new technology for easy & on-demand printing. Lordship Labels provide high-quality labels that include cotton printed labels, satin printed labels, etc.for short to medium size orders all over Kerala, India and Worldwide. Digital Label Printing offers some advantages over traditional printing techniques:

  • Faster Printing Time
  • Variable content on each label
  • Economical for Small orders
  • Flexible Printing
  • Exceptional Printing Quality
  • Support for variety of colors as opposed to limited choices in traditional printing

Digital labeling technology has enabled suppliers to deliver both short runs and multiple runs without excessive costs while being financially viable when creating opportunities for new work. In short, it changes the way labels are bought and used.Digital labeling offers better performance and flexibility than traditional label printing techniques. For example, digital labeling has enabled just-in-time order processing and faster turnaround time for label ord

Innovative Digital Label Solutions

As India's leading provider of digital label solutions, Lordship Labels invests heavily in new state-of-the-art digital printing machines and continually develops innovative digital label solutions to serve a growing customer base.

Digital labeling has opened the door to innovation and creativity. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve with our unique, state-of-the-art digital labeling solutions. Below are some of our digital labeling solutions that set us apart from our competitors. We print in full color and at retail quality, another advantage of digital label printing over flexo.

Even short runs are now available at a much more affordable price, eliminating the cost of the ink and plate setup required with Flexo printing. It also means label printing for seasonal products can be done much more easily without having to plan months in advance. Digital labels can be ordered and produced within short amount of time. As the plates are formatted in Flexo it is very unlikely that you can schedule a print for the next day. With digital printing this is much more likely as they are digital so the delivery time is much shorter.

Lordship's new Durable Digital Label Materials

Digiplate PET

This material is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to high temperatures, UV rays, and chemicals. Digiplate PET is available in white, clear, silver, and chrome finishes.

Digiweb White Vinyl

This long-lasting vinyl material can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's ideal for curved surfaces like warehouse bin labelling, bottles, and other curved surfaces.

Digiflex White BOPP

This BOPP label material is more versatile than Digiplate PET and excels in clarity and durability.

All three materials include a strong laminate known as Digilam Clear PET, which provides excellent clarity and protection while also maximising durability.